学食どっとコープとはWhat is Cafeteria Dot Co-op?

(Cafeteria Dot Co-op is an information website for university Co-op cafeterias.
*Available in the Kanto-Koshinetsu, Tohoku, Tokai and Hokkaido areas.)

メニュー情報の提供についてMenu information

(Menu information is provided as co-op member price including tax, energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, salt, allergens, nutritional balance (3-group score), and data on the country of origin of major ingredients.)

期間限定メニューについてLimited-time only menus

(Posters are printed for Fair Menus (This Month’s and Next Month’s) as well as Seasonal Menus. Comments straight from the ingredients team, menu creators and nationally registered nutritionists make our menus pop.)

期間限定メニューへ(Limited-time only menus)

メニュー検索についてMenu Search

■ メニュー組合せ検索(Menu Combination Search)

(Select your mood and budget to search for the perfect menu combination for today. Mood definitions are.)

  • がっつり:メニューの合計エネルギー量が800kcal以上となる組み合わせ
    (Fill Up: Menu combination totals more than 800 kcal of energy)
  • ヘルシー:メニューの品数が3品以上で合計エネルギー量が700kcal未満となる組み合わせ
    (Light and Healthy: Menu combination of 3 or more items totals no more than 700 kcal of energy)
  • おまかせ:大学生協がおすすめするメニューの組み合わせ
    (Co-op Choice: Combination menu recommended by University Co-op)

メニュー組合せ検索へ(Menu Combination Search)

■ メニュー検索(Menu Search)

(You can access the nutritional value of the meals you eat at University Co-op Cafeteria online.
*Menu prices and quantities may vary by each University Co-op, so please check at each Co-op Cafeteria.
*Some menus may not be listed on the web site. We appreciate your understanding.)

メニュー検索へ(Menu Search)

■ 条件から検索(Search by Criteria)

(You can search menu information using Menu Name, Allergens and Category criteria.)

条件から検索へ(Search by criteria)

おすすめ組合せについてRecommended combinations

(Offers combinations recommended by a nationally registered nutritionist who considers weekly nutritional balance. Check out the helpful comments, too!)

おすすめ組合せへ(Recommended combinations)

スコープどっと学食についてScope Famous food

(Articles featuring ongoing food-related activities (like rice planting and harvesting experiences, meet and greets with food growers, eating habits consultations, cooking classes and food sampling events) in which University Co-op participates.)

スコープどっと学食へ(Scope Famous food)

食生活通信についてEating Habits Gazette

管理栄養士から毎月学事やテーマに沿った栄養・健康に関する情報を提供します。(Provides information about nutrition and health from the nutritionist in line with school affairs and themes.)

食生活通信へ(Eating Habits Gazette)

いいね!ランキングについてLike Rankings

(The number of “Likes” is displayed on the bottom of each menu. Click the button to vote.)

いいね!ランキングへ(Like Rankings)

組み合せメニューコンテストについてCombination Menu Contest

(The co-cop occasionally holds theme-based combination menu contests, selecting the best combinations from entries received to announce in this corner.)

組み合せメニューコンテストへ(Combination Menu Contest)